X925 Stations

For Artists, Labels & Publishers getting projects up and running.

PREP: If you've already assigned a show slot prepare your content at least 3 weeks in advance. If you need help with producing your show please follow broadcast instructions below.

BROADCASTING: X925 specializes in Audio Documents, pre-release broadcasts from artists and labels. These one-time to continues events are premier episodes per album, 45 to 60 minutes or more. Details about the new album or reissue become episodes shared worldwide on X925. Time slots are first come first serve. Audio Document episodes are promotional tools. Used as virtual listening parties for any album. Audio Documents can also become content of its own. Commentary about an album or the making of the album. Share the process, the struggle's and joys. Your personal journey is what makes your Audio Document stand-apart.

X925 is a great broadcast venue for original global content.

X925 is more like a venue to share that fruit, the struggle of the process to overcome. Whether putting out an album or deep diving into serious conversation. All you need is a mic and a computer. Audocs archives the album and/or episode at the AUX database. Allowing instant access beyond the original time slot.

A screenshot showing an example of the vendor registration page at Audocs Audiofile app

When do I submit my project(s)?

Audocs takes each release along a step by step journey

My project is ready, but I am unable to create the episode

Contact Audocs to help produce your episode(s): (additional costs)

Episodic: How it works

Upload, Broadcast and Promote:

Going Live on X925.

  1. If you have full broadcast status, login to your station using the credentials provided by Audocs.

    A screenshot showing an example of the sign-in page for X925
  2. Click Music Files in the left menu.

    A screenshot shows the station panel
  3. Click New Folder (album) and rename the folder the same title as your album.

    A screenshot shows the station panel
  4. Click Select and upload the tracks to your album. Once the files are uploaded, edit the metadata and upload the cover art. Press save

    A screenshot shows the station panel

How To Stay Live!

If you want to pitch a show or just contact Audocs, us the Audi0FILE vendor form. Once submitted, the form emails to Audocs main office.



Wether going live or purchasing on-demand Vinyl, CD or DVD's for your project at Audocs. X925 is the first step to help you create merchandise or launch.